Letting Go

Sometimes we hold on to things and people that cause us harm. These things are toxic and damaging to our wellbeing. Yet, we hold on to them for a long time. This, in turn, turns our inner peaceful kingdom into a civil war. We can't trust ourselves anymore. We try to please others only to avoid being not liked or being lonely.

Thank God that this is not true!

We can restore peace to our internal kingdom.

Spring can return with all of its beauty and warmth.

There is only one caveat.

We have to let go.

Let go of being put down by the person we're holding on to.

Let go of that material possession.

Let go of that job that's affecting our health.

Let go of resisting internal freedom.

We have such an infinite and abundant power that comes from loving ourselves.

Loving ourselves starts with loving God and having boundaries.

We need to respect ourselves.

Thoughts are not facts, but emotions are the key to the treasure map.

Emotions connect us to God. Thoughts help us coordinate our lives but the big vision comes from our emotions. Lets start trusting our emotions. They will lead us to God. 

With Love, Dania