Coming to America

Some people would say that there is nothing good in the United States because it is corrupted and not caring towards its citizens and guests. However, for me, coming to this country was an opportunity to better myself, help others and learn about different cultures. On the other hand, I learned the struggle and hardship that many people face. I found the transition from The Dominican Republic to America very hard. Not only did I have to learn the language, but I also had to adapt to the diverse culture.

In the US, I have learned many things. One thing is that people are never satisfied with what they have. This is often called "First World problems." I'll talk more about this on another post.

People from other cultures criticize this culture because they think it gives individuals too much freedom. However, for me that's a selling point because I enjoy freedom and independence. With my expression, I can improve my life and others' as well.

I think that things happen for a reason. If I wouldn't have come to this country, I wouldn't have acquired all this knowledge about people from different cultures and about how minimalism can save us all.

Coming to America was the beginning of a new journey. I found many bumps along the way but I am still going strong. America is a new world, full of promises and mysteries. Why not take the ride and embark into a world full of adventures and excitements? I realized that we all make America great. Dominicans, Asians, Europeans, Africans... We are all humans and we have something unique to contribute. I am now feeling like a citizen of the World, not America or Dominican Republic. Let's love our differences and embrace our cultures.

I don't speak English as well as I would like to, but I have goals and dreams and I am here to stay. 


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With Love, Dania