Is He Into Me?

Ever wondered why some men ask some women out pretty quickly but sometimes they give you so many mixed signals that you literary get a migraine? Don't worry, the answer to this might be simpler than 1+1=2! 

It all comes down to his personality and the energy that you're putting out. 

Your guy may be a shy one if:

  • He avoids eye contact with you
  • He quickly turns away when you look
  • Jokes and throws sarcastic remarks at you

Your energy my be the one to blame here if:

  • You're constantly denying your feelings
  • You still think "why should he even like me?"
  • Or, you think, "he's not good enough for me, I deserve better"
  • Your closest friends and/or family members tell you to be more feminine

When a guy is into you, he will not be able to stop thinking of you. He will find every excuse he can to see you as much as possible, even if it is from a distance. You might think he doesn't notice you, but he's definitely checking you out!

So, what do you do to lead him to ask you out?

- Dress more feminine; dresses, skirts (please not too short, leave some things to the imagination!)

- Smile a lot! :)

- Strike up a conversation with him

- Don't act desperate. If you feel you are being desperate, then take a chill pill and find something to do to keep you occupied

- Flirt with him

So, what have you done in the past to attract a shy guy? or What have you done to be more ladylike?

With Love, Dania