How To Attract Love

They say, "a miracle is just around the corner," does that apply to love?

Is your voice of love crying out for a miracle to happen in your dating life? Mine sure has, many times! I know that we, independent women, want to focus on building successful careers, but who is going to hold us at night when we're at our most vulnerable?

We all want to be in love eternally and have "The One" next to us when we face difficulties and triumph. Then what are we doing wrong? Why are we all alone? Are we fools to still believe that we can have it all? I will attempt to answer a few questions based on my own journey thus far.

I've been married and divorced by the age of 24. From experience, the lack of self worth and self exploration play a tremendous role in the failure of marriages. We are always focusing on the item and not the price. We long for a wedding, kids, a house, etc., but do we ever sit down to think about what we're willing to pay for it all? Have we given it a thought before we committed to such big endeavors? I sure did not and paid the price big time. To this day, I still have not been in a relationship that lasted more than 3 months. Sometimes I wonder if I should have stayed with my husband because at least we were a unit. The grass is not always greener on the other side but if you're brave enough and willing to accept the rocks on the road, then jumping out of the box can initiate your self exploration. 

Patience is what my friends prescribe me, thus this is my advice to myself and all of my single people, let's save all of our love for our exquisite partner to come. Let's love that person from the distance and get ready for when they come to share their light with us. In the meantime, I am planning to love myself even more to compensate for my still yet to come partner. Choose to keep your hopes up, pray for the miracle of love to arrive sooner rather than later. Thank God for what you currently have.

Remember that this is the time to get to know yourself and dedicate 100% of your time to You! When your partner arrives, you'll have to share your time with that person. And just because you start dating someone, it does not automatically mean that he/she is the one. Give it time, at least 2 months before considering them for sex and love. In the meantime, get to know them as friends. The friendship will stay when the attraction wears off. Keep that in mind.

With Love, Dania