5 Reasons To Love Your Body

So yes, this is yet another post about loving yourself! You might think that there is an overload of self help and positive body image posts out there in the cyber world. And you are correct! Let this post be a summary or reminder of how awesome your body is so that you love all of it. Here we go:

1. Your body has this amazing ability to heal itself

Oh but what about terminal deceases like cancer, etc? Well we are not covering that in this post. There are many people who believe that cancer can be cured naturally so I'll let you go do your research on that. 

"Your reproductive system is a miracle of life; your bones are astounding structural engineering feats (or feets!); and your internal organs such as your heart and liver actually store their own memories and emotions. We know this because organ donor recipients often take on the memories and experiences of those from which the organs were originally harvested."

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/028060_self_healing_immune_system.html##ixzz3N0sUSakv

2. Your body is made of stars

We are made of the same particles as stars since, well, our atoms were formed after that big bang we keep hearing about (if you believe in that).

"The atoms that make up your human body today are same atoms that formed during the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago."


If you don't believe in that then listen to this. Our body resembles the organisms and structure of the universe. That's why people say that in order to know God, we need to look within.

3. Even crying is good

Whenever bad things happen to us, we need to let it out because it is actually healthier to cry than to hold it in. Some say that one of the causes of cancer is holding in anger and "negative" feelings. Cry when your body signals for it, don't hold back, your body knows best.

"Crying alleviates stress and allows humans to decrease feelings of anger and sadness. It physically does help to let it out. We also produce differently structured tears depending on the reason we’re crying. When put under the microscope, crying over grief, hope, or onions all produced a unique tear."


4. Your body experiences pleasure

I think this one is my favorite one! ;) Seriously, when we make love or touch ourselves or experience happiness, we release happy hormones that makes us feel like there are no problems in the world! The body has many nerves just waiting to be stimulated. Those nerves go jumping to the brain to tell it that we need to open the champagne! So, what are you waiting for, go have some pleasure!!

5. Your body is meant to house your soul, not be a mannequin

We come into this world as perfect little babies, but what happens in between that makes us feel less than perfect? Well, I believe that the expectations we put on ourselves and our competitiveness keep us from seeing ourselves as the beautiful souls we are. We see our friends in school or at work developing "beautiful" bodies and we wonder why we were left out of the "beautiful" gene. To explain this I will ask you to close your eyes and visualize a forest. In the forest, there are all kinds of different plants, animals and flowers. Now, walk towards the flower a few feet from you. What do you see? Everyone is going to see something different. So, does that mean that the flower one person is seeing is any less beautiful than the other one? You might see a rose, dahlia, petunia, lily, sunflower, daisy, tulip, etc. All of those flowers are beautiful, they are just a different beauty. Your body is a different kind of beauty, stop trying to diminish its awesomeness please. It is finally time to love your inner child and let your uniqueness shine through the expectations of society. You are more than just your looks, remember that.

Sending you blessings and success!

With Love, Dania