10 Quick Ways To Handle Breakups

Breaking Up Sucks!

The pain can feel life threatening when you suddenly go back to being single. So here is a quick list of things that I do to get over a breakup:

1) I eat my favorite ice cream

2) I watch my favorite show or movie

3) I cry like a baby!

4) I eat my favorite food

5) I take 2 days to rest and be a bum in the house

6) I go over what happened during the relationship by writing down the good and the bad

7) I decide to take the breakup as a lesson

8) I tell myself "now it's the time to give some more loving to yourself." ;)

9) I get all pretty and take lots of pictures

10) I dive into my hobbies, move on and get excited to meet my next love interest

How do you get over a breakup?

With Love, Dania