Tips For Starting Your Own Business: Part I

Starting a business can be exhausting but it also can be the greatest decision you’ve ever made. Let’s start a series where I share all the information I know about the business world.

Naming Your Business

Make it Stand Out and Make Sense. 

It’s your brand, and you’re going to live with it day in and day out. You’re going to say it over and over again in person, on the phone and online.

Make sure you really love it! 

Is it available? Check out the trademark website to ensure that the company name has not been taken by someone else. Go to the U.S. Patent and Trademark office at Complete a new search to confirm that your name is available. This is crucial in your planning process for two reasons. First, you do not want to be slapped with a Cease and Desist or lawsuit for using someone else’s trademarked company name.

Buy a Domain Name

Once you determine that your business name is available through the U.S. Patent and Trademark office, check to see if the website address has been taken. This can easily be checked through a site such as (go to google and search for godaddy and pick their ad, that way you get the domain at a discounted price). I recommend sites that end in .com instead of .net or .us. Your name could reflect your line of products. It should be catchy, memorable and marketable. Your name does not have to include what you do or the name of your services. You can always add that to your tagline or slogan.

Stay tuned for Part II

With Love, Dania