Tips For Starting Your Own Business: Part II

This post concentrates on selling a product. Stay tuned for the post on selling a service. The product I’m using as an example is soap since I once sold handmade soaps, deodorants and skin lotions.

Where to Sell and How…

Retail Sales

Potential retail channels include art and craft shows, farmers’ markets, home parties and the internet just to name a few. Corporate and hospital venues can be great exposure for your products. Most businesses and hospitals ask for 20 percent of your daily sales or charge a flat daily fee. This is an effective way to build your brand by educating customers, making sales, networking and referring business over time to web sales.

You must have attractive displays, set prices, business cards or flyers to spread your information, be ready to educate your customers. Do not assume they know the benefits of using handmade soap. One of the best tips for successful retail sales where you have the pleasure of meeting your customers one-on-one, is to stand and sell with passion. Take sincere interest in your customers and keep your focus on them and their skincare needs. Tell and show them how your products will benefit them. Offer quantity pricing such as $3 each or four soaps for $10 to increase your sales. Remember to cross sell with lip balms, scrubs and lotions. Suggestive selling works!

Have confidence and know your ingredients! Okay, so what are some examples you can plug in here instead of a soap and skin care business? Share yours.

Check back tomorrow for Part III

With Love, Dania