Tips For Starting Your Own Business: Part III

Now let’s discuss some marketing points.

Have Fun Doing What You Do…

As fun as it is to make your product or offer your service, building a business takes research and calculated planning. You can launch a business with as little as a few hundred dollars. While it is important to find your niche, you should not let that stop you from starting your business. Believe me, the market will decide what you should concentrate in. 

Set your prices accordingly. Don’t be the cheapest in town. Remember to avoid impulsive spending online. Only buy what you need and in small quantities initially. Then, get a few trade shows, events and fairs under your belt or join to go to some networking events in your area. This way, you are testing your ability to sell and the need for your product or service in the marketplace.

Don’t undersell yourself

There is a perceived higher quality for higher priced goods. Ask yourself how distinctive your products are to your customers and frequently put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Would you buy your own products if someone else were selling them? How do your customers tell the difference between you and your competition?

Promote the benefits of your products. Set weekly, monthly and annual income, and sales goals. There are many other details to setting up a business, but this is a good start.

Next week, we will be getting into how to start a Service business like teaching online or coaching. Let me know if you have specific questions or concerns that you would like me to address in next week's posts.

With Love, Dania