10 Things to Tell Yourself to Get Through Difficulties

Below are some of rules that I set for myself to get me through difficult times. I constantly update this list since experiences create new badass rules! Share yours in the comments section.


  1. I am UNIQUE - and I like it!
  2. I don’t care what people have to say about me - Take me as I am or get out of my way!
  3. I take responsibility for my own actions - I’m not a wussy!
  4. I constantly side with the truth - or what I think resonates most with me at that specific moment
  5. I ask myself, who are my real friends? - I only accept positive people into my awesome life!
  6. Society and traditions do not define who I am - and I certainly don’t let that dictate my life
  7. I eat what my body wants and needs - in moderation, of course, although sometimes I don't stick to healthy snacks
  8. I really care about others - and I must tell everyone how amazing they are!
  9. I’m not afraid to speak my mind - and to stand up for myself
  10. I embrace my past - and know that my present is mine to control and enjoy, and that the future has not happened yet so why worry so much about it. Be Authentic today :)


With Love, Dania