Don't You Dare Give Up

Don't you dare give up on your dreams. I don't care how much money or time it takes, go and be happy! You deserve what you want. That's why you are here, to live and share your happiness with others.

Money is neither good nor evil. It is just the middleman between what you offer to the world and what the world has to offer to you. Change your mindset and you'll change your life!

Trust your instincts and know that the bigger your dreams are, the more scary they will look.

Write down at least one good thing you do each day for yourself and/or others.

Growing older is a reminder that you must love and enjoy every single day. Don't dread the passing of time as time only brings more wisdom. There is only the present. Embrace it!

To see the light, you must first be in the dark.

Negativity is contagious, so is being positive. Choose which one you let in today.

Bad days are temporary but they may feel permanent. Smile and breathe through them and hope for the best.

You lose the fight the moment you give up. Winners are those who lost so many times that losing became the same as winning.

How does it feel to receive love? It feels amazing so imagine if you're the one giving this amazing feeling to others. Now more than one person will feel amazing!

Rich people are mostly not lucky, they work hard for their money. They value their time and save money to invest it in what they believe will produce the biggest results over time.

Always imagine yourself having what you want because you are the creator of your future. You make your own reality, always remember that.

You can be all that you desire. It just takes determination and belief in yourself.

A mistake is a chance to improve and become better. Own your faults proudly because they help you achieve greatness.

Don't take anything personally.

You will never have 100% of people's support. So just learn to be happy with your own support.

Smile through the hard times and you'll remain young forever.

Believe in yourself!


With Love, Dania