Why Education Needs A Reboot

We need to think about revolutionizing education. There comes a point in every endeavor where you need to decide to play it safe or go all in. When something is just as terrifying as it is exciting, that's the time to act.  

Imagine you were in a classroom in 1920, and you took a time machine to 2015. You'd see it's exactly the same, nothing's changed. And she said that's a big problem.  We're obsessed with fixing our education system when it needs to be completely replaced with a new one.  

Innovations in technology for public sectors differ from innovations in the private sector. In the private sector, when you have an innovation, like Apple inventing the iPhone, then the idea catches on, and then other companies follow suit, and then cell phones are changed forever. In the education field, there are innovations happening in teaching methods and classroom design, but they're happening in pockets and staying in pockets. If we want innovation to happen across the education industry, we have to invest in it, so it's not left up to chance. Below are some things we could do to revolutionize education.  


1. Have educators take a class on entrepreneurship and management.


2. Combine expert insight and educator expertise, to make a space where big ideas can happen. Education is challenged by a limited budget. We have to do more with less.  So, look to the startup community.  That community does more with less by design. Have entrepreneurs teach educators how to do more with a bootstrap budget.  


3. Foster an environment that encourages innovation.


We need to revolutionize the way we often teach in order to steer kids the right way. Let's start the conversation and really do something about it. Schools should not be daycares, they should be a world of knowledge and creativity. Kids should be taught about Money and responsibility, not by taking lots of tests but by making it fun and interesting. Let's do this!


With Love, Dania