What Motivates People? Why Is Money Like Fuel?

It seems that nowadays people long for riches and fame. Why is that?

I believe that deep inside people are fearful of their environment. When you put money on the top of your list of values, you are not coming from a place of love. The number one factor affecting us all is that our ego has more space in our lives than Spirituality.

When people feel stuck, they usually turn to fearful thoughts and therefore, negative feelings arise. Our soul is the most magnificent creation because it is a part of God. We all have the ability to shift our thoughts and spend our lives with happier memories.

Why do we choose to think of the negative things that happened to us in the past? Believe it or not, our past is our comfort zone. It is very easy to blame things on what happened to us in the past. We choose to give our negative thoughts full control of our lives. Instead, we should acknowledge our negative thoughts and patterns and use them as tools to bring us closer to what we want. 

Think of money as fuel to your car. When you know where you want to go, you use your car to get there, however, the car needs gas so you go to the gas station to fill up the tank. Your desires are "the car" in this example and money is "the fuel." You use money to fuel your desires to get to your destination. Are your desires based on love? If your desires are empty and the only thing you can find there is fear, then money is just going to fuel your emptiness and fears. That is why, money cannot come before love. 

Many people criticize The Law of Attraction because they say that you simply cannot just wish for something and it will suddenly and magically appear. They are right. However, when you wish for something, you have to put some actionable steps to that wish in order to have it come to life. Also, you have to think about why you are having that desire.

So tell me, what are you wishing for right now and why? What are some steps you can take to accomplish it?

With Love, Dania