Follow and Trust Your Heart

Follow and trust your heart. It may seem like it's leading you in the wrong direction, but it knows best, trust it. Your heart holds the map to your heaven.

Your passion is your best accessory, wear it everyday.

I used to judge others and now I know what a foolish thing that was!!

Success is yours for the taking! Go out there and show the world what you're made of!

Stress is a silent killer. Let go of worries and live a long life!

Bring value to others and they will reward you, but don't expect it, just do it!

Let it go! Care only about what you think about yourself because that is the longest relationship you'll ever have and it is the only relationship you have control over. Compete only with YOU, not with the world.

Build your inner community to reconcile your dark side and merge it with the light. We can only peel off the layers that we have put on because of our past. Let's get back to our powerful self.

Happiness is a journey of love and purpose. 

"Success leaves clues and success loves feedback" - Lethia Owens

Criticism is really about the other person's insecurities, never take it personally because then you will be feeding their ego. 

Someone told me once that I didn't know how to park my car and that she almost went to help me because I seemed in desperate need of help. What I think about that is the following:
Sometimes a person's ego is so in control that they have to make others feel inferior to them. I would like to have her in front of me so that I can give her a big hug and tell her that I love her, that's how I feel about her. Her insecurities do not diminish my Love for everyone! I was parking just fine. Some people have their own perfectionism to work on, don't attach yourself to their shadow. 

When someone tells you something negative, say "thank you" and give them a hug. Never let someone else darken your heart. Instead, you need to brighten their day!

Look around and know that you are the creator of your own reality. If you see flowers and rainbows it's because that's what you are creating. Don't allow others to create your world. Share your beauty with others, not your doubts. And if you do share your doubts, do so as to inspire and not victimize yourself. Remember, you are the artist of your creation. Enjoy your power :)


With Love, Dania