Do You Know Who You Are?

If I asked you, who are you? What would you say?

I watched the movie Moana, and the search for identity and purpose is a strong theme. Throughout history, we have longed to belong and to feel significant. Perhaps it is a way to be alive according to how we interpret life.

We are made of billions of atoms continually dancing. Stardust made us. We evolved to have the kind of eyes to help us survive. This planet is only a speck in the vastness of the Universe. Our life is just not that significant compared to the sun and many other living things. Deep down we know this and try to compensate by artificially adding a significance to our life. We are here to create. That's all.

The truth is that there is no truth. We assign attributes to the unknown. We try to find purpose in the emptiness. Our time is limited, and yet we spend our time trying to forget about it. I'm so guilty of this. I fear death. I fear loneliness to a degree. I worry about life without a purpose. That's why I watch a lot of tv shows online; I overeat, I over think, I judge, I fear. The solution to our condition is acceptance of our reality. I am made of atoms. I am here to create. With or without children, I can create by helping others. So, who am I?

I am Dania Hernandez,

born in the Dominican Republic,

motherless daughter,

lover of people and wisdom,

a human being housing bacteria in my gut,

emotional and mental healer to people with grief and trauma,

lover of plant-based foods,

goofy, sensitive, passionate, clumsy, imperfect, lovable, 

minimalist, tenacious, honest, kind,

spiritual, introvert, and lover of crystals.

Death is a part of the dance of creation. Creation cannot exist without death. We are not our skin. We are so much more. We are beautiful because we're complex, yet simple. We are a true work of art. It takes a lot of moving parts to make us. I'm writing this post as a reminder to myself for whenever I feel down I can remember who I am. Ultimately, I consider myself a community of atoms, bacteria, stardust, and much more.

With Love, Dania :)