5 Lies We Tell Ourselves

Being happy becomes more attainable if we decide to stop beating ourselves down. Whenever we get an idea, don’t disregard that, our subconscious is trying to manifest our desires into reality. So how come we still choose to not believe in ourselves? Look deep inside your thoughts to investigate this further. Below are 5 common lies, we constantly tell ourselves, as written by Reverend Dr. Kristin Hawkins (this is an excerpt from the magazine Law of Attraction, you should read it, it’s good!). 


Sometimes this lie masks other feelings we may have, such as “I’m afraid.” The effect of this lie on our lives is profound. It is often the source of not just frustration, but also fear, regret, disappointment, and depression. Ask yourself, “Whose timeline am I living on, anyway? Is it really too late for me?” Consider the man who learned to paint at age 97, or the woman who found true love for the first time at 82. Ask my mom, who moved across the country to start a new life at 87! I would invite us to remember that we live in an unlimited and creative Universe, and this is true even when we contemplate things our logical mind says have limits due to age. What if solutions and opportunities are not appearing in our lives only because we have a belief that doesn’t allow the door to those opportunities to open? Rather than analyzing the probability that something will not occur for us, we can consider the possibility that it might. It is never too late.


What do greed, fear, unworthiness, and even a need for self-sacrifice have in common? A fundamental belief that there is not enough. This lie shows up in the feeling that we will be diminished if we give, release, spend, or other wise circulate any good we have in our possession. It shows up in our refusing good that others want to share for fear they will somehow be diminished when they give. Check your reaction to a friend’s offer to treat for lunch and you may find this lie is operating in you. Do you reply, “Oh, you shouldn’t” or assure them that you will reciprocate the next round? Are you not really saying to them, “If you share what you have, you will have less, because this is a limited Universe?” The Universe is not designed for possession, and we are not designed to cling. The Universe is designed for circulation and we for freedom. Wherever we are clinging, we are living out of a lie that says, “There is not enough and, as a result, I had better hang on to whatever I have, because otherwise it will not be there when I need it.” The truth is that happiness does not come from possessing “things” in life. It comes from freedom. In whatever way I am living in fear of not having enough, I am not free.  


- Blame and insecurity can have their roots in this lie that we tell ourselves about the Universe. You probably agree that our thoughts, beliefs, and deeply held convictions create or attract the people, conditions, and circumstances in our lives. In that sense, you and I understand that what we do see comes from what we don’t see. That’s why, when we don’t like the conditions we see around us, we often look for the unseen cause. We ask ourselves, “What thought, belief, or intention might I have that is the cause back of the condition I am experiencing?” But what happens when we can’t trace the originating thought or belief? What happens when we don’t make the connection? Out of the discomfort of not knowing, we sometimes latch onto the nearest thing that might give us a plausible answer, and the collateral damage is blame. We blame institutions, people, countries, presidents, the stars! We blame our job, our spouse, the economy, or our neighbor. We ascribe a causative relationship to people, places, and things, which only serves to mask the true cause of what we seek to change. The truth is: Sometimes we just can’t see the cause of things in life at that moment. But consciousness creates; even when we can’t recognize the cause in our consciousness, our consciousness is still the catalyst for what we create. Always, I say this not to assign the blame to you and to me but as a reminder that when blame does show up, it is often a reminder that we are caught in a lie about the cause back of the condition. 


- How many times do you have this thought in a day? Although we don’t always use the exact words “I’m powerless,” we may feel the effects of this lie as anger, hopelessness, and even jealousy when we see what we are facing and feel powerless to effect any kind of change. Or when we see what others have and don’t believe those possibilities are available to us. Or when we don’t believe that “things can be different” or that we can have any influence on the conditions we face. When we hang onto the belief that we are powerless, our energy is sapped, and the people and circumstances of life begin to look like potential enemies, each having the capability and probability of taking advantage of us or hurting us. Our natural ability to resolve challenges is dampened under the weight of a deep belief in a world that is not for us, but against us. Telling ourselves we are powerless is a lie! We live in a Universe seeking to express joy, freedom, love, and good in our lives. We have at our disposal infinite power to manifest and create that which supports our highest expression in life. When we shed the lie that says we are powerless, we begin to operate as if everyone is not out to harm us, but rather here to enhance our well-being. And it will be so!

5. “I’M A FRAUD”

Or: “If you really knew me, you’d know that I am not as I appear.” This lie often shows itself as guilt and shame. If you find yourself saying, “I should have known better,” you may very well be living with this lie. Truth is that if we continue to expand and learn and experience new joys in life, we will always be stepping into areas that we have not navigated before. In that sense, we are not frauds, but novices! When that feeling of “I should have known better” comes up, what we are really saying to ourselves is, “I expect that I should have known what I did not know yet.” But if I had known, I would have used that knowledge! When we live this lie, we rob ourselves of the beauty of growing, stretching, and taking risks that is part of our natural inclination in life. “I am a fraud” is not the truth of me, and it is not the truth of you! We are authentic, expansive beings becoming and experiencing new life in every moment.

There you have it folks! I’m interested in knowing if there are other lies out there that people tell themselves in order to keep them where they are and not take risks. 

With Love, Dania