Let Love Lead The Way

What motivates you? Is it love or hate, riches and fame, someone to absolve or to blame?

Deep inside we are fearful of our environment. Sometimes we mask this fear with desire for more. It could be more money or a better title or a better partner. When we feel stuck we turn to fearful thoughts and that is when negative feelings arise.

When we put anything but love on the top of our list, there is much more to miss. I think that one big factor affecting us all is that our ego has too much space in our heart and that tears us apart.

Our soul is the most significant creation, enough to power an entire nation. It all starts with awareness, which can soften the ego inside. No need for the ego to dry up and die. We all have the ability to shift our thoughts and spend our lives with happier memories. So why do we choose to keep reliving the negative memories from our past? I believe that our past is our comfort zone. It is easier to dwell in the past and blame others for our circumstances. We need to realize that we are choosing to stay in our imaginary cage. What should we do instead? Acknowledge our negative thoughts and patterns, use them as a tool to create the life we want and build a loving homestead.

Think of money as fuel to your car. When you know where you want to go, you use your car to get to your destination. However, the car needs gas so you stop at the gas station to fill up the tank. Your desires are the car and money is the fuel. Basically, you use money to fuel your desires to get to your destination. So the question now is, are your desires based on love or fear? If your desires are empty and the only thing you can find there is doubt then money will be used to fuel that. This is why money cannot come before love. Also, you simply cannot just wish for something and wish that it will magically appear.

Close your eyes and meditate on if what you're desiring is love or the avoidance of fear. Look for the higher grounds. Stop and hear the sacred sounds.

Lastly, journal about your experience. Accept your imperfections just as much as you love your good side. You are loved by those near you and those from up above. Write from your heart, that's a good start. Remember that living life alone can turn your heart into a stone.

There is no right or wrong
No reason to fight, no need to be strong
Make room for joy and love
Fly free like a dove

When the ups and downs make you kneel
Don't build an armor made of steel
When love is put above all
You shall rise from any fall


With Love, Dania