Why Meditation Doesn't Work For Everyone

Do you meditate? Stressed? maybe you're not meditating right... 

- This is what some of my friends have told me over the years. 

Do you really need meditation in order to succeed in life? I read an article online about this topic. You can find it at http://www.mindpowernews.com/MeditationMadness.html.

I believe that meditation is not a cure-all solution. Note that this is my view and I am open for discussion on the topic. It does not mean that I go around preaching my views on others. I treat this blog as a journal to share with whomever is going through similar experiences. My purpose in life is to love and serve people. I don't go around judging others. I want to understand others and connect with people. Let's discuss this topic of meditation. Also, note that this about the kind of meditation that makes you sit and quiet your mind.


Disconnect from our ego is not the answer.

We need to embrace ourselves and stop judging our "negative" sides. The ego does not need to "die" in order for you to live a peaceful life. The problem with us comes when we keep insisting on "killing" our enemies. We insist on going to wars, fighting cancer (when we should really be working with it), and destroying anything that does not serve us at the moment. The ego is as much a part of us as our "good" side is.

Our ego serves a purpose, to help us manage certain situations we may encounter in life. Cancer is our body telling us we are out of balance, unfortunately for some, this notice might come too late. Instead of fighting cancer, we should embrace it and heal it, not "fight" it.

Meditation is another excuse we have in order to not face reality. I keep reminding myself to not fall into the trap of gurus selling me an "enlightened" life. If you want to feel better inside, help others, that's it. Our bodies are designed to be social, even for us introverts. We have "mirror" neurons that help us have empathy for others. Meditation does not help us with empathy. It leads us to believe that we are better than others because we are able to quiet our minds and others can't. I don't think that you and I can truly love others if we feel we are better than "them." In my eyes, we are all equal. When we only focus on looking inside, we tend to ignore the world around us. 


Nothing in life is a one-size fits all.

Nowadays, people sell us a dream. The dream comes in different forms and we believe that we are being taken to the correct path for our lives. Now, if you truly feel that meditation helps you become a better person and therefore you can fully be present in the world to help others, then go for it. For some people though, meditation is not the answer. Doctors give us prescriptions based on what they've studied about others and they fail to customize their recommendation to our specific DNA. Same goes for a lot of the advice we keep receiving from gurus. These experts tell us to not be attached to stuff and to live a simple life, however, they are not following their own advice. If those experts truly believed in their message, they would be living an actual simpler life, not an expensive one.

I am not hating on the rich, I am just mentioning those experts that talk about things they are not following themselves. If you are rich and preaching that lifestyle, then good for you! However, if you are rich and tell us to work hard and have a simple life, then I'll start asking questions. When you read the biographies of these experts, you get to see that often times they deceived their way to the top. Mark Cuban bought the idea of some guy and didn't compensate him enough and claimed it as his own. Some of the network marketers get rich by selling trainings that most people cannot really use. It all seems like a pyramid way to get rich. Multi Level Marketing schemes are really out make you feel like you are learning stuff and helping your friends by recommending that program to them, at the same time you make money off of your friends. 


The point of this rambling is for you to start asking questions before accepting someone's advice.

Meditation is about quieting your mind, it does not allow for questioning and deep thinking on how you can help someone other than yourself. It is an easy way out of having to come up with solutions for big problems we face today.


What we truly need is to take action.

Start volunteering, ask questions, make sure you're getting enough sleep, eat the foods that make you feel better, do a good job at work even if you hate it, etc...

There are many things we could be doing rather than sitting and silencing our thoughts.

Our anger about problems should serve as fuel to help the world, don't blow on that flame. Keep your passion alive. Find your strengths and dedicate them to improving this world, not mars and not some imaginary evil.

Every time there is a bad situation, look for the good in it, look for ways to turn that obstacle into an experience. If you hate running or walking, do that anyway but look for creative ways to do it like listening to podcasts and music while running and/or walking. Instead of quieting the mind, we need to stop multi-tasking and do one thing that will bring us more joy and make us more productive. Learn to relax and reduce your anxiety. Listen to guided meditation and visualizations. Love your enemy but don't let that person hurt you. Life is about keeping a healthy balance. Let's strive for that.

Meditation is overrated. Meditation is not bad, it's just not for everyone. Some people are better off sitting in nature, relaxing and reading a good book. Also, dealing with stress or even removing some avoidable stress out of our lives works better than the traditional meditation. I do believe that we need to breathe deeper and be more conscious of our thoughts before we express them and give birth to them.

I recommend the book The Four Agreements in order to be more present with others and become a more grounded and productive self:

- Be Impeccable with your word

- Don't take anything personally

- Don't make assumptions

- Always do your best

If you truly feel that the traditional way to meditate is good for everyone, then leave a comment. Share your experience either way. Also, tell me, what are some ways you relax?

Check out some YouTube videos that I like to relax to:

Healing the Body, Mind & Spirit

Healing Spirit: Guided Meditation for Relaxation, Anxiety and Depression



With Love, Dania