Pause, Breathe, and See The Good In Others

Often times we are told to be careful. Be careful when you go out. Be careful when you meet someone. So, we have developed a fear of the unknown. That fear then goes into many areas of our lives. When we argue, all we can concentrate is in our fear. We feel afraid of how the other person will respond to us. When they are mad at us, then we become irrational and start seeing the darkness in them. All we can really do in that instance is to take a step back and breathe. I've noticed that when I pause and just look into someone's eyes, I can feel their soul shining through. 

Seeing the good in others is a muscle that needs to be exercised. We are born innocent but we learn many bad behaviors that prevent us from fully connecting with others. I'm deciding today that when someone says something bad to me or tries to argue with me, I will only focus on feeling their soul. The soul is pure energy. It is neither good nor bad. The soul just is. Love fuels the soul and fear traps it. I feel very blessed whenever I can catch my own fears rising before I hurt someone. But what happens is that many times, we are weak. We don't sleep well, eat well and exercise well. That is when it is easier for the mind to give in to fear. So, in order to repel fear, I need to take care of myself in all levels. This is a work in progress though. Nothing is meant to be perfect. We are learning everyday of our lives, sometimes we just don't realize what the lesson was. 

My message for today is to pause, breathe and let go of anxiety. Then, it will be easier for love to take over my mind and allow my eyes to see the pureness of us all.

With Love, Dania