How To Attract The Right Partner and Learning About Failed Relationships

When most of us get broken up with or break up with someone, we start heading to the fridge to get that chocolate ice cream. Then, we sit on our coach, crying like a maniac. We turn on the tv and put a romantic movie on because we think that it will make us feel better. After the movie ends, we start telling ourselves that maybe we are never finding the love of our lives and that maybe we’re not good enough. Well, this is okay to feel but please don’t let it go for more than 1 or 2 weeks. We must realize the blessings in each failed path. 

Make A List Of What You Want In Your Significant Other

I will provide you with my list but I prefer to hear from you because I get to learn and be inspired by your experience. Please share yours in the comments section of the post.

- Believes in Me

- Confident

- Makes me laugh

- Cares about my family

- Financially secured (since I am too)

- Cares about other people

- Loves learning

- Loves animals

- Loves kids

- Cares about communication and honesty

The list keeps growing with each relationship that I engage in. That’s why, failed relationships are not bad. They teach us to think deep within ourselves and determine the things that are most important to us.


Make A List Of What You DON’T Want In Your Significant Other

The list above was the positive traits that our partner has. There is a yin yang in everything in life. Therefore, you must also think of things you absolutely do not want. Notice that I am not listing any physical qualities since I have learned, through experience, that you can’t focus on external things when looking for true love. Love is not superficial, it lies deep within us.

- Smoker

- Heavy drinker

- Cheater

- Lack of self-esteem

- Lack of vision

- Dreamer with no actions

- Irresponsible

- Lacks communication skills

- Lacks social skills

- Depressed

- Looks for external beauty only

- Looks for satisfaction without commitment

As mentioned earlier, my lists keep growing because I’m still alive and experiencing life. Which is a good thing :)

Jesus and many great teachers practiced Meditation. You too can use Meditation to get over a broken heart


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With Love, Dania