How Do You Save Money When You Have None

Many money gurus tell us to start saving money like yesterday! And yes it sounds nice to hear that we have control over our lives, even though sometimes we gladly can hand over our power just for a bit of peace of mind! Listen, I know it's super hard to put money away in a bank and not see it again until an emergency happens. This is specially hard when you're either making little or no money whatsoever. So, how am I going to show you this hard to chew topic??? 

You see, it all starts with 1...

When I immigrated into the US, I didn't have a penny! My father was poor and could not even give me a $1. So, why am I telling you this? Well, I wanted a $1 so bad that I looked for pennies everywhere I went. Now, luckily I live in NYC where you can literary find pennies on almost every block! 

By the time I collected 100 pennies, I was exhausted. I worked so hard for 100 pennies, and I still have to turn it into a $1. How was I supposed to do that? Well, I gathered enough courage and there I went, holding onto the plastic bag holding my pennies. I stopped at the local grocery store and nicely asked the clerk to please take all my change and just give me that $1 I have desperately wished for. The guy laughed, but felt sad when he saw my disappointed face. He grabbed my bag and handed me my $1. 

The moral of this story is that to save money does not mean to do the impossible. You need to start from the bottom. If you need to, start with pennies. $1 a day, gives you$30/month and $360/year. So, if you keep that up, in 5 years you can have almost $2,000 in the bank!!!

When faced with difficult decisions, start small. Always start with 1.

With Love, Dania