Love Your Sins to Death

Self acceptance is as important as the air we breathe. We deny ourselves so much because we are taught to be modest and humble. We all feel like sinners sometimes every single day.

When we lose our temper, we beat ourselves up. When we are sad or tired or lazy, we judge ourselves. Most of the times we treat ourselves worse than we would treat someone who treated us badly.

Instead of hating our sins, we must love our sins so much that they die on their own because they can't bear all the love flowing through us. We need to accept ourselves and make that our number 1 priority. This is a daily practice that requires effort.

Self acceptance does not make you feel bad in order to get you out of your couch. That is our Judge speaking, not the loving and kind self. If we want to go to the gym, we might start by standing in front of the mirror telling our reflection that if we don't go to the gym we will be fat and no one will like us. 

Practice this: Whenever you feel the Judge taking over, observe it and hug her in your mind. Give her all the love you have. If your Judge is your inner child, then ask her what she would like from you. Make sure to be patient. Let love embrace you. Listen to her. Tell her, "I am here for you."

Then, think of the times when you felt the most love. Think of past achievements that you valued highly. You can write your thoughts in a journal or just replay the memories in your mind.

You can then give yourself a hug. Do something that makes you smile, whatever it is. No judgements. 

If your thoughts start turning toxic, bring to mind your inner child again or the part of you that feels wounded or mistreated by people. Also, bring to mind the part of you who have treated other people unfairly, the "mean one."

Now, ask both to hug each other and you, the observer/critic, give them love, pure unconditional love. Give all of your parts compassion and understanding. Try to understand why each part of you exists and what their needs are. 

Know that we are all sinners. Sins will never go away. Only our thoughts about sins can be changed. Understand that we can't keep punishing ourselves for past mistakes. Most religions will tell you that your sins will be removed once you either turn inward or believe in a higher consciousness. You, my dear, deserve happiness now because you are beautiful inside and out. You were born that way. When you make a mistake, smile and move on. Remember your inner power and beauty. 

Let's learn to keep going and take mistakes and sins as tools to grow and learn how to live a joyous life. We have the capability to choose suffering and happiness. I choose happiness. What do you choose?

With Love, Dania