3 Reasons To Stop Settling For Bad Relationships

Instead of judging and distrusting ourselves, we should be taking the time to really dig in and understand our pain points before the media tells us who we are and what we should get out of life. No one knows you like you do. There is only one you in this world so why seek advice from people you don't know or from people who have not walked in your shoes? The reason is that we've been taught to seek advice from others and to follow rules. You may feel like you're not worth it but I'm here to tell you that you are an amazing and loving individual!!

So, here is why you should never settle for a crappy relationship:

1) You are valuable. If you feel you are not, then go find something that makes your heart beat faster.

2) You have gone through enough frogs. Seriously, one is enough! So don't keep kissing all these fools who don't see you as the gem you are.

3) You are here in this life to enjoy it. Period. Life is about the journey, not the destination. When you put yourself last, you are killing yourself, for real! 

Strive to be a powerful woman and not another Cinderella. Live your life living your passions and dreams. Don't put them off for later when the time is right. The right time is today! Believe in yourself, be your biggest cheerleader. 

"More important than being loved is to love" by Dalai Lama

So the next time you feel like you are not happy in a relationship, take the bull by its horns and take charge of your life. Regrets happen when you don't follow your heart. Put yourself first. Wait at least 2 months before having sex with your new guy. I've tried all the rules about timing, and an average of 2 months works fine for me. Try it. 

Let me know how you have stopped settling for "losers."

With Love, Dania