Embrace Your Shadow Self

Love all of you!

I noticed that what we don't like in others, we're suppressing in ourselves. Accept yourself and you'll be more accepting of others.

There is a difference between your shadow self and your moral self. It's called empathy. Humans are capable of acknowledging others' pain. You don't like murderers because they have caused great pain to others. Always ask, do I dislike this because of my shadow self or my moral self?

The Self is suppressed from childhood when we're told what is wrong. Instead of acknowledging it, we hide it and later on it rises as a Shadow Self. When in reality, the shadow self is just a part of our complete Self.

We are most afraid of our light and that's why we create a layer of clay to cover our gold. Crack open that layer and let everything out!

You have the power to change your reality. Trust in your inner wisdom.

"I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions" –Stephen Covey

When you say bad things about yourself, you are only hurting yourself more.  Next time say, "My struggles made me strong, my past is just a song."

Listen to your heart. It is the key to true happiness.

Life is beautiful! Rain gives life to flowers.

Leave regrets in the past. Think of the present and work for a better future.

Please release negative feelings towards others into the air, they do not belong inside of you!

I learned that you need to trust yourself in order to achieve greatness. So, embrace your shadow and love every part of your human experience.


With Love, Dania