5 Simple Money Solutions

This one is a quickie. Here are my top 5 solutions to dealing with money:

1. Don't borrow money from the bank

If you want something, save money and then buy it

2. Desire less, lose the debt

When you want things you don't have, you become bitter and sad. Let go of the desire to have more and just concentrate on creating better memories

3. Don't just focus on working on a full time job

Add multiple sources of income to your bank in order to free yourself from money worry. A job is not secured so start preparing yourself by adding more skills to your bag. Learn Excel, make something people want or something you would want

4. Stop worrying, Period.

Worrying brings more chaos. Your problems won't resolve themselves when you stress about them. Instead, make a to-do list and tackle the most annoying problems first

5. Live a Little!

You can enjoy your money without feeling guilty. All you need to do is budget yourself. Admit if you don't have a clue on how to start budgeting or sticking to a budget and learn. You can also hire someone to help you get started. Google is your friend when it comes to free information, so use it wisely and often

Tell me, what are your money solutions? What did you think about this article? If you would give it a thumbs up then maybe your friends will too, let them know about this information and start a discussion :) Let me know how I can help.

With Love, Dania