Defining and Expressing Spirituality

How can one define spirituality?

Instead of looking to define it try seeking spirituality as a tool to help to find oneself a tool to help explore avenues; a means to detach from the temporal fixations and vanity. A sense to return to a oneness of union with all forms of creation, unbiased. Oftentimes there are energies around us that can influence our lives, be it money, society or even our ego. We avoid the mysteries of life to be explored more often than not, some choose not to uncover the darkness that was and still is keeping them from connecting. These hardships and negativity have constructed most people's lives and have yet to be addressed.

Being Humbled 

Expressions of humility show when one envelops the mindset that there is no elevation without tribulation. So to see oneself as being tribulation-proof means that the ego has yet to come to the truth that it is worthy of spiritual elevation.

Knowing That Good vs Evil Is Just 2 Sides Of The Same Coin

We all have our "good" and "evil" inclinations; inclinations that are always contending with one another. The good inclination that tells you to stop buying cheap clothes while the evil inclination tells you that the dress in H&M is too pretty to pass up. Same goes with food! We have these battles day in and day out. Our spiritual selves deal with many levels of illumination, our own dimmer switch so to speak. We either choose to illuminate every situation that expresses itself, be it good or bad; or one could choose to darken and ridicule the esoteric meaning behind the predicament.

Realizing That Spirituality Can Be Expressed In Many Ways

There are different expressions of spirituality that which I call spiritual expertise, there may be one who is spiritual in love and express in consoling words, one who is spiritual in money and express through charitable acts, or maybe even spiritual in their profession as a masseuse and express through healing touch.

Traveling And Meditating To Reunite With Spirituality

Spirituality may also be expressed through travel, one may desire to take a trip to a rainforest to feel the earth, or to feel the vibes of an ancient civilization. Some seek spirituality through meditation and come to a realization of life with thoughts and therefore find their truth and inner peace.

Whatever the cause may be, we all possess a uniqueness about ourselves; energy that permeates in all forms, from the crowns that we wear to obtain wisdom, understanding and knowledge; and to express the compassion and will to seek the beauty of the Infinite Oneness. We are all spiritual beings having a physical experience, so what's your spirituality? Only you have the answer...

With Love, Dania