How To Cultivate Sustainability From Early On

We have one chance to survive as a race; A total revolution in sustainability.  

Most people make the mistake of equating environmentalism with sustainability. We need to create a program for schools that foster a healthy dialogue about creating sustainable solutions to the problems we face in our environment today. By forcing a dialogue between young people, they start to understand each other's point of view in a peaceful way. When they graduate from the program, the young people start asking themselves what their role is in solving these problems. A big part of the solution is for these kids to simply spread the knowledge that sustainability requires economic and inter-cultural harmony.  

The millennial generation has been handed an earth that's in an emergency state in so many ways. But it's not a completely unfortunate thing. The truth is, this current earth has given the millennial generation the communications ability to unite all generations, against unsustainability and bring it to a halt.  But, this ability has not been harnessed yet.  

Share your thoughts. How can we talk about sustainability to corporations and not sound threatening to their profit model of business? I talk about teaching the youth but maybe there is also a way to teach the adults about this topic in a way that is both logical and intuitive.

With Love, Dania