3 Steps to Overcoming Fear

Here is the truth, I'm scared. I think I'm always afraid of something. Sometimes it's fear of the unknown, sometimes it is fear of success. The crazy thing is that for a long time I used to think that if I was not afraid of something, then something worse would come my away. Example, when I have to get on an airplane, I make myself feel intense fear and anxiety. My thought process being that at least I am preparing for the worst and that if I didn't maybe the Universe would think that I was not afraid of it. "You do not want to mess with the Universe," I used to say to myself. But today I am reconsidering this way of thinking and exploring new ways to view life and the Universe. Here is the thing though, we do need fear because it is necessary for survival types of moments where you have to escape from a bear. However, fear is more like a defense mechanism that needs to be kept in check or it will go wild and loco.

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