The Darkness Inside

Once Upon A Time's season finale showed us how desperate Regina, the reformed Evil Queen, was to remove her darkness after the love of her life was killed. She found a potion to help her separate her dark side from her true self. Her dark side, the Evil Queen, was finally a separate being and upon separation tried to attack Regina for being "weak."

The show also brought us the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Dr. Jekyll drank a potion that separated him from his "monster" and in turn that created Mr. Hyde. 

We go through life trying to fix our past mistakes. We fear our darkness. We battle our monsters. Sometimes we wish to have a magic potion to get rid of the bully inside but in this world, we have to do things the hard way sometimes. The hard way is to look inside and face our inner demons. Why do we make an enemy of the darkness inside? Why can't it be our friend? We put so much emphasis on trying to be positive that we neglect to incorporate our other half. We are not just light. 

Darkness, like fear and stress, is necessary to create a more complete you. In small doses, fear and stress can give you the energy and strength to survive. The problem occurs when we are constantly stressed. We need to use stress when we need to finish a report but we can't let it use us. Sometimes we need to get angry in order to fix big issues. We just have to not let it overpower our other sides.

Life is made of cycles and colors. For some reason, we have learned that light is good and dark is bad. What if there is no good or bad? What if there is just a middle ground?

I'm learning that in order to be 100% Dania, I have to embrace all of my sides. The problem arises when one side spins out of control. My task is to balance my sides in order to have a more joyful and authentic life. Darkness is a part of me and therefore I love it!

I'd love to hear from you. How do you treat your darkness?

With Love, Dania