You are not your Trauma

Imagine being a kid again. You are afraid. Your parents are fighting or worse, your parents are yelling at you and/or beating you. That creates a wound in your soul and it does not get healed, you put a bandaid on it. Your parents don't notice the blood coming out of the bandaid. You grow up and now there is so much blood that the bandaid is gone. You've become accustomed to not listening to your body, to your intuition. You create a wall to shield you from pain. You've endured pain for far too long. You constantly try to avoid getting hurt. You act out mostly because you are afraid of the world. Your parents are now living inside your head and guide your thoughts. You feel like there is no way out. You feel like you are destined to keep suffering for the rest of your life. 

That all sounds awful! The time has come to treat your wound and stop associating with your trauma. Life has so much to offer. It all starts with gratitude. Being observant of all the beauty that surrounds you will bring you peace. Not identifying with your trauma will start you off on the path to freedom. This is just a quick reminder to breathe, love yourself and others, live in the present moment while looking forward to a bright future, and to notice all the good that we do for others and others do for us. 

You are a unique and perfect human being. Give yourself a big hug and know that what happened to you in the past has nothing to do with who you really are inside. The world deserves to get to know the real you. The you that was not affected by the trauma. I have recently started seeing a therapist to help me understand my own trauma. It helps when someone listens to you. That person starts to slowly help you realize that you have the power to heal your wound. Live life to the fullest, always knowing that you are amazing and you are love.