The One Thing That Can Save Us Part 2

All We Really Want Is To Be Accepted And Loved.

When people commit heinous crimes, they do so because that’s all they know. If you teach only Chinese to a baby, why are you expecting the baby to speak English? It’s the same thing for criminals. Instead of hating them, let’s embrace them and show them that there is another way to channel their emotions. People always talk about the good and the bad in life, as if those 2 were separate.

The reason why there is so much darkness in the world, is not because there is not enough light, God knows we have all the light we will ever need. The real reason is that we are trying to suppress our dark side as if it was a bad thing. We must understand that our dark side is a part of what makes us whole. When we try to repress that side of us, we end up blowing it. It’s like a bomb!

Please see a list below of some of the "dark" things we should just embrace and work with.

- Sexual Energy

- Desire

- Bad Thoughts

- Struggles

- Failure

- Greed

- Strong Impulses

Again, I’m sure the list above is a short list compared to what you or someone else might be feeling. Please promise me and especially yourself, that when you feel those dark feelings, you will see them as an opportunity to be whole. Imagine if there was only light in this world. Imagine if we didn’t have the night, will you be able to sleep? Some people won’t. Also, think of that “ugly” duck that the others see as weird. If that “ugly” duck would internalize other’s perception, he/she would never have become the beautiful duck everyone loves and appreciates.

Friends, I hope that you spread this message far and wide because you know in your heart that this is the truth. Only love can set us free.

The next time you watch the news, think to yourself, “Today I will give extra hugs or extra … in order to restore balance in the world.” :)

Let Freedom Run In Our Streets. Let’s Have A Dream Together!

With Love, Dania