What is my Religion?

In society, we are told to never talk about religion because it is one of those topics that makes people angry. I'm all about awareness and honesty. I don't like hiding my beliefs. 

I grew up Catholic in The Dominican Republic. I even went to a Catholic school. I was baptized and was a member of the choir. I used to love it!!!

I continued going to church in NYC. I loved being part of the community. Then in High School, I took a class that taught us about all the main/top religions of the world. I started to question my beliefs because I loved all of the religions presented in class. That was the beginning of the end of my Catholic life. 

I then decided to be identified as a Christian. I loved Jesus so much! Still do! I learned about Martin Luther King, Jr. and that also opened me up to loving every human being.

Buddhism was the sweet thief of my Catholicism. Judaism and Anne Frank gave me empathy. All religions gave me love. 

Then I was an Agnostic. Who is God? Is there a God? Why are we here? Being Agnostic gave me an identity. I love asking questions and I am so grateful I do. 

However, when I walk and see squirrels playing, trees silently telling me they love me, flowers smiling at me, the wind dancing, the Earth pounding so gently yet so strong, I see the beauty of no association.

Therefore, I've decided that there is a God and it is the same God that shows up in all religions. It is a God of love. We all have access to God. The prayer is love. I love everyone so much that I choose to accept everyone's religion. It feels so good for me to believe in God. In my eyes, God is the energy that surrounds us, the air that we breathe and the water that we need.   

If there's a God then why do bad things happen? Why is nature so violent?

These are questions that populated my head and sometimes still pay a visit. I've decided that the answer to those questions is awareness. I believe that we are on this planet to evolve. Nature is cyclical and what we perceive as bad, others might perceive as okay. Awakening to life's true beauty takes awareness. And that comes from being mindful. Also, we have so much power that we don't realize we have. Yes, there is hunger in the world, but we if we all unite to end hunger, I know that wouldn't be an issue anymore. God shows up when we unite and fill our hearts with love, not greed and excessive desire.

In order to feel God, I take walks, I take deep breaths, I volunteer, I listen, I smile, I forgive others, I stop judging others, and I eat healthy foods. 

This blog post does not mean that I'm better than you or that I feel enlightened. We are all equal. We all have the capability to love or to harm. Whenever I am feeling sad or judging myself, I try to change my state of mind. Life is so full of abundance! This post is meant to share my beliefs with you. We all have different beliefs. I would love to read about yours.