Should I Give My All In A Relationship?

We've all been there in the beginning of a relationship when nothing can go wrong and all we want to do is give everything we've got to our partner. So, is this okay? First thing to note about this blog, you follow your own advice and not mine. I am just here to tell you about my experience in the hopes of helping someone going through similar situations. Second, when people tell you what to do, run the other way!!! Life is supposed to be experienced through different lenses, meaning that your eyes are unique and no one can tell you what you see. You determine what you want to experience in this life. So let's begin, shall we?

The problem with giving your all too soon is that you're not letting the relationship take its time. We need to get to know the other person and not throw all our eggs in one basket. If you do, you'll get fog on your eyes of love and misinterpret the other person's feelings. Love takes time and patience. Think about it, when you overload your bag or wallet, is there room for anything else? This is the same concept in love. Everything in moderation. Give your all to yourself because when you're happy, everyone else is happy. If you're giving your all to other people, then what will you give to yourself? 

Many people are now telling us to think about life as being abundant in resources. This is different than this topic though because giving your all is scarcity thinking. When you want to perform your best because that's what truly makes you happy, then this is coming from an abundant mindset, not fear based thinking. Have fun always and still be responsible with whom you share your energy with.

With Love, Dania